Friday, February 22, 2008


picture thanks to Yeeween the camerawoman and Evelyn Camera

Let the pic do the talking.

Update some pic on that day Pre-Hiking. I need to get my fat ass to jog. It's so damn tiring for me.

Before the hiking. Exposure - 0.7

Yeeween not in pic. She camerawoman

path to hell kerachut

some snapshot of the trail to Kerachut

they like to pose -__-
so i also try to pose -__-

tiring.. i'm all wet!

i think the next few pic about scenery de.

R.I.P Jelly Fish

we went back by speedboat. cuz so many of the girl kenot tahan de.

Pantai Kerachut

Last but not least, this pic i find it very nice. Good camera skill *forget the name* sorry.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This is the 2nd post for this year and it's already Februray. You know, i kinda lost interest in blogging or maybe i'm too busy until i can't update this blog. Ok now, I got few topic to post. But now now.. I'll do it tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Layout

I'm designing the layout have way and i don't have any idea on what to do so well, i know this layout look like "someone" blog but this should be temporary until i figure out how to edit the code.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year

I'm too lazy to blog. So all i can say is that i'll update on what have i did in year 2007 and what my new year resolution will be...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Drunk Nite Party

Bringing you live, at Mr Tong House. You also can call it TongieClub@BM.

Just some simple blog on what i going to drink tonite with another 4-5 person only and what we saying that we going to finish this 2 bottle or not we won't stop.

This is what my drink will be for tonight.

I'll update later after the drink if and only if i'm not drunk.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rovers Party and Meeting

*Pictures courtesy of Mr Jimmy Tong with his N82

This is something new. We never did this kinda event to celebrate any festival before so i guess it's kinda fun also organizing a party with all of our scouts members and guide.

I was basically in-charge of FOOD and ok, it kinda burden me because i need to wake up and go grocery shopping and prepare some food for the party. And to add the spice, i woke up hangover in the morning because of last night clubbing which we, didn't drink that much. Imagine a bottle a liquor for 10 person, so just some small portion per person.

I don't know why i can woke up in the morning and hangover.

OK. Woke up at 2 pm and rushing here and there for lunch and to get lunch for my maid -___- . then go over giant, because it's nearest to my house and did some grocery shopping for the sandwich WITHOUT butter, and also some simple food that my chairman ask me to prepare.

Went over at around 5.30 pm. They having meetings at 6.15 pm and i din't join in the meeting because i'm doing all the preparation for the night party.

I set up the tables, my laptop and the speakers for the songs, the food preparation and the spotlight.

look at the moonlight.

That night moon was perfect for a nice party under the bright moonlight and well, it really so so nice on top of a HQ roof top and BBQ-ing.

We make it pot luck style because it show some kind of unity and we get to share foods. It nice though to see people bringing different food ranging from fried mee to spaghetti and also some junk food. I made the sandwich with my own hand and with my own recipe.!

The best part of it is, it's a christmas party and i forget to copy my christmas songs from my pc, so we're playing so R&B, House and Trance on roof top of the HQ.

It's really nice to see my members and scout to really enjoy the party although it's something like bachelor party like some of the ppl said.

Well, the whole party end at around 11 pm and we start to clear up the things. So many food left, so wasted.

i love this pic

OK. the end of the christmas party.

Well, the other day, they telling me to organize Bowling Knockout competition and Paintball session among the rovers member, i think i'll try to organize and this is some activity we trying to organize so that the members among our rovers get to know each other better. It's pretty fun if u really have the heart to attend.

A lot of my members and friends which is in the same rovers as me, didn't manage to come back and join the party, but i hope u all can make it in the next event organize by us. So please and please come and join us.

For now, we'll bid farewell year 2007 together and welcome year 2008 with activities.

nah... eat it!